Hasbro Monopoly for the iPhone

I love Monopoly, so I was happy to see a legal port of it to the iPhone, though the MAME versions are not bad, if a bit dated.

It's a decent enough version, though the AI is not as good as it should be (non of the Monopoly versions I've played have good enough AI to realize, oddly enough, the value of a Monopoly and how you need to build sets of 3 houses as fast as possible), so I can beat it almost 100% of the time.

The thing that really bugs me, that kills me, that makes me weep inside, is the fact that the damn cutesy animation takes so long. Hasbro, please listen up, just one little setting to turn the animation off, and I'd pay for this game all over again. I'd love to run some superfast games, but no, I have to watch the dice get rolled, and then I have to watch the damn shoe bounce from square to square. I can speed that up by holding down the fast forward button *every* time. How about just a setting to remove all the animation? Or speed it up 4 times? How about that Hasbro??

Regardless, that's not the bug, though it might be related to the bug I just saw in a game I played. Here's the aftermath (which might not immediately seem weird):

Wheelbarrow (computer player) was in jail and posted bail. He rolled 10 (not doubles, though that doesn't matter here). He slid forward 10 spaces to free parking. Paused for a moment, and then slid forward another 10 spaces to end up right back in jail, thanks to the 'Go To Jail' spot. He did not roll doubles or roll again (that would show up in the status window) and he did not land on one of the cards to go to jail (which would also show up in the status window). Strange. I hit where the fast forward button would have been just a little late, just as the Wheelbarrow was arriving at free parking. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Even sadder, is that Wheelbarrow had already hit the Go To Jail the two or three times before as it went around, so clearly he was a bit of a repeat offender. Poor guy. Probably had a daddy Wheelbarrow that beat him.