OSX 10.3 bug 2

Apple bug #3467233 @ Apple Bug Reporter site
Title: Inserting new CD during error dialog box can cause ghost CD images

The error dialog for burning CDs can create situations where you have ghost CD images on the desktop that aren't linked to physical CDs inserted in the drive.

1. Burn a CD that has errors (scratch a blank CD if necessary)
2. OSX will eject the CD during verification and display the error dialog,
    however the CD image stays on the desktop until you press 'Okay'
3. Don't press 'Okay' yet - first insert a new CD, this creates a new
    Finder CD image.
4. Press 'Okay' on the error dialog for the first CD, it will throw away the old
    image and eject the new CD, leaving the new CD image ghost, but no CD.

(You can then have a fun time with inserting new CDs and ejecting the old
 image, making new ghosts each time.)

I'm left with a CD image that doesn't correspond to the state of the machine.

Current status: supposedly fixed in Tiger (10.4) but I have no way to verify this since I have to pay to upgrade. That kind of blows.