Google Drive

Google Drive doesn't deal with multiple accounts perfectly well.

I had someone send me an invitation URL that I didn't have access to - so I went to the account I wanted to request access from (my work address) and clicked on "Request Access". Amusingly, google got confused and thought that I owned the doc and should give access to myself (sadly for me but good for security it didn't allow this):

Here's the email (with "" substituted for *my* email address) that google sent *me* after I requested access:

Date: Thu, 05 Nov 2015 23:46:19 +0000
Subject: Request for access requests access to an item:

You are the owner of this document. To give this user access, click
the link above and add them as a collaborator or viewer.

This is a courtesy copy of an email for your record only. It's not the
same email your collaborators received. Visit to learn more.

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