Google Keep

Google Keep is a great tool that I don't think many people are aware of. It's great for sharing simple todo lists between people, particularly on mobile devices. However, it has a number of issues.

If you have two contacts where one contact is a subset of another, such as:

Then if you start typing in: james... then the autocomplete menu will popup the gary.james option. A case like this actually happened to me, and for some reason it only showed the longer email and not the shorter.

That's fine - you may think, you can just type in the whole email by hand. But you can't - because if you type in '' and hit enter, it forces you to complete it to the gary.james email, and then sends an invite out to the wrong person.

The only workaround for this is that you have to invite the longer email, then try again - at first it will complain that the longer email is already added, but you can then edit it to remove the first part and finally get the shorter email added and then delete the longer email from the invitation.

Confusion for everyone.

Two other naggling issues I have:

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