internet explorer bug 1

Issue: IE can't handle .JPG images with XML profile/EXIF info
Versions: IE 5.2 for Mac, and also IE for Windows

If the web server doesn't issue the MIME information, then IE doesn't immediately recognize .JPG (case-sensitive) files as of the jpeg format. The algorithm it uses to determine file type can be mistakenly fooled by the profile/exif information in the JPG.

For example, Apple Print Manager seems to add XML info into the JPG EXIF section, and this confuses IE into think that the JPG is an XML file, which it then immediately finds errors upon parsing:

An error occured parsing the XML file.
Line: 1 Char: 1
Error: An invalid character was found in text content.
Some example images:
.jpg file with no profile
.JPG file with no profile
.jpg file with XML profile/exif
.JPG file with XML profile/exif
(will fail for IE on httpd servers that don't give MIME info for 'JPG' - though this server does)
  1. Get a new browser
  2. Remove the EXIF comments from your jpg files
  3. Rename all your JPG files to jpg (see mvx for bulk renaming)

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