mozilla bug 2

CLARIFICATION: This is not a mozilla bug, this is a privoxy proxy bug (though they don't seem to think that corrupting source code is a bug)

It's also been reported and closed in a rather kludgy and unsatisfactory manner at RedHat

Summary: Viewing the above URL displays the word concat instead of the real text that was there which is open.

I looked at a perl script which calls open. Every occurance of the word open is
replaced with the word concat. Everything else is correct. We reduced the
problem down to a minimal example using the above URL. If I fetch the file
using lynx I see open.  If I use mozilla I see concat.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Visit the above URL
2.Look at the work in line 2.
3.It will display concat even though the file on the server says open.