Perl Bug 9 - Solaris regex loses (\d) match

perl version: 5.005_03
Operating System: SunOS sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-5_10
root-sourced: 2003-06-11 (with help from Scott A Centoni)

This script loses it's (match):


my $file = "NAME2:53880018.jpg";
die("No match?\n") unless $file =~ s/^NAME(\d+)://g;
my $num = $1;
print "Num:  $num\n";
print "File: $file\n";
For reasons unclear, on Solaris perl 5.005_03, the (\d+) match is lost for the above string. Other strings work fine, such as:
my $file = "NAME1:3.jpg";
How odd is that?