Windows Media Player Website bug

(approx 2003/11/17)

This isn't actually a bug with Windows Media Player, but with the Microsoft website for WMP. The download page for WMP is at:

If you try to download WMP for OSX using Explorer it works fine.

But if you try it with a different browser, such as Safari, you'll notice that the download URL is screwed up:

To fix it, you need to first pull off the redir script at the front that doesn't seem to work for other browsers (or at least Safari):

And then you need to pull off that '%20' (the URL encoding for a space) that I'm sure they just mistakenly put on the end there..:

And now you can finally download WMP.

Interesting that you can only download it with IE.


WMP is a Microsoft product

IE is a Microsoft product.

Nah, I'm "sure" it's just a coincidence.