xmms bug 1

Simple bug. xmms up to v1.2.10 can't handle blank lines in playlists.

Create a playlist, add a newline to it, and load it in xmms.


Update: Actually, this bug is happening through libmp4:

It is in libmp4.so when it calls mp4_isFile.

However, the source I have for mp4_isFile doesn't show anything particularly 

static int  mp4_isFile(char *filename)
    gchar*  extention;

    extention = strrchr(filename, '.');
    if(extention &&
       (!strncasecmp(extention, ".mp4", 4) || // official extention
  !strncasecmp(extention, ".m4a", 4) || // Apple mp4 extention
  !strncasecmp(extention, ".aac", 4)  // old MPEG2/4-AAC extention
      return (1);

The backtrace shows that we are segfaulting in a strcasecmp called from 
mp4_isFile (presumably when we do a strncasecmp?  I don't have all the source to 
build this again so I can't easily track it down - does anyone have xmms setup 
for testing with libmp4?