xterm bug 1

It's not totally clear where this bug comes from.

Without version info from xterm and source code (or at least debugging symbols), chances are I won't be able to root cause this one.

At some recent debian upgrade (I just did a big one to 3.1) I found a segfault bug in xterm. Not sure what the version is, but it might be "200"

% xterm -version

Reproduction is easy.

  1. Create an xterm with more than one row in size.
  2. Resize the xterm so it's only one row high.
  3. Type a newline in a shell in the xterm.
It segfaults on my machine (running Enlightenment

strace claims that it segfaults right after attempt a failed read on file descriptor 5. Who knows..

Don't even know who to report this bug to.