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Verification Engineer
I have two decades of functional verification experience dealing with VLSI (specifically CPUs). I specialize in a technique I've created that can be loosely described as a mix of formal verification and directed random test generators. Everyone uses different definitions in the sadly understandardized verification world, so feel free to ask me about these techniques, I'll happily discuss verification philosophy.

Using these techniques I managed to accomplish something unheard of in CPU verification, finding all functional bugs in my blocks in pre-silicon testing. (well, all bugs so far - this is verification after all :)
In fact, I accomplished this on both of the blocks I was given on my last CPU project.

I've had many such successes since then, hire me and I'll show you how this can be done with your project.

Software Consultant
I've been programming since I was 8 years old. My strengths lie in extremely fast prototyping. Give me an algorithm and I'll make it real. Or give me a problem and I'll create the algorithm/solution to solve it. Because of my verification background, my code is robust and clean. Put into my own environment, I can whip up tools in record time, such as an eVite replacement which I accomplished 95% functionality over two feverish weekends.

Need someone to work feverishly over a weekend? Pay me more money, and I'll be your little code weasel.

I have fluency in many languages, such as C, ruby, perl, Java, C++, scheme/lisp, etc.. and I can generally learn a language in as little as two days.

Contact me and let me know what you need to accomplish, and we'll figure out a way it can be done.

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