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Note that this page is really old and not really maintained..

Things That Drive Me  
   NIH: (any code that is) Not Invented Here (is suspect)
   Clean Abstraction: (is generally) The Right Way (to do things)

Because of these fascinations, I tend to be most interested in dealing with new, complex problems that can (just barely) be solved by one person. Fast prototyping of clean, working solutions is my wheelhouse.

Current Projects  
DaveSource Consulting Home Page
Mobile Apps Two mobile apps under development. Under NDA.
Test Creator A next generation test creation tool for the hardware verification world.
Marginal Hacks Simple (useful?) stuff I've written
MyVite Something to productize when I have time.

Things That Are (OLD and) Geeky  
This is a very OLD index of big and small projects, mostly those that don't belong on my MarginalHacks software site.

Fringe The Fringe. Not for the faint of heart.
SpeedWaller Coolest two-lines of Apple ][ code in the world!
DEStiny Hardware project - DES encryption on a chip
WizPort Shareware project from college, originally created for muds, but generally useful.
Jubal's LPMud code Speaking of muds, here's some of my useful and fun LPMud code.
xstroke Draw mouse strokes in windows to run commands.
TicTacToe The fastest Tic Tac Toe game in the world.
Bugs I like to break things.
[old] NIH just an ad hoc list of stuff I've rewritten/am working on

"Oh, that's nice. You always forget how good fresh energy feels,
till you get to a pure DaveSource..." -Tron

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