J u b a l ' s   M u d 
J a m b o r e e 

What is it?

This is a whole bunch of my LPC-Mud code that I wrote as Jubal E. Harshaw, of the famed GumbiMud, originally started by Daeron Mayer back during our UW-Madison days.

Here's some of my favorite stuff that I think is general to LPMuds:


Have fun with it. I have no idea what the current mudlibs/drivers are like, so it's up to you to port it, I'll happily answer simple questions.


If enough people bug me and I can find an old mud driver, I'll setup a test mud on my server for the sole purpose of running these toys.

Update 2/2003: VR is alive and has some of my code up and available.


I wrote this stuff back in 1993. Wow. That's old.
This software is essentially free, but please read my payment spiel
Please read the full license


Bah. See the code, it's self-documented. ;-)


  1. An LPC Mud. This code was ported to the following drivers (with a basic mudlib):
    2.4.5, 3.1.2, 3.2 (amylaar), 3.12 -DR, 3.12 -CD
    (I doubt it would work on MudOS)


If you like..

Who the hell is Jubal?

I was a mad programmer for a few years during the LPC-Mud heyday. I became fairly well known for LPC security, either breaking it or creating it. I ended up running GumbiMud, one of the largest muds online at the time, it had something like 15,000 files comprising 50M of space, iirc. And most importantly, we had a big family of players who I believe really had a good time.

I wizzed on a bunch of other places (how's that for a sentence? :), but most notable was my second home, Virtual Realities, which I'm told is unbelievably still alive and has been moved from to 3019.

I have some recollections of being a wiz or something on Chromeblood, a futuristic cyber-ish mud, but I can't remember what the heck that was all about...

Funny story: I hacked Paradox, and when I was caught (with my millions of gold pieces) and threatened to be destroyed, I pointed out to them that I had stashed more gold around other players I had invented, and that I could destroy their economy by giving it away in mass quantities before they could catch each player. They relented and let me keep my money, and my first level character became the richest player on the mud! :)

The name "Jubal E. Harshaw" is stolen from the Heinlein book Stranger in a Strange Land

There were two of us who were known for coding muds at the time, I was the LPJubal, the other Jubal was a MudOS guy.

I was never big on creating slash-and-burn mud areas. In fact, I don't think I ever made a single one. I split my time up amongst mud administration, improving the mud lib, making wizard toys to attack the other wizards with, hacking the mud, and making these fun toys for the players.