Okay, so it's really just ego-masturbation, but...

We had a new wizard (Muz) who had been caught helping players cheat and was on parole. He met a wizard on another mud that was a player on GumbiMud, and offered to exchange cheats.

The wizard on the other mud was a friend of mine.

So my friend let me use his wizard to have an incrimination conversation with Muz, which I then used to remove his wizhood from GumbiMud. He asked me how I knew, and I told him I had broken into the other mud and logged all the conversations, and saw this. He believed me.

Since security on LPMuds was so thin at the time, I felt that fear was a good security model. :)

Here's some of the conversation with Muz on the other mud as my friend's wizard character:

> goto muz
The cavern of blood (s).
Corpse of King.
Muz the daring warrior.
Muz smiles happily.
Muz says: how are ya???
You say: i was on gumbi
Muz says: and??
You say: and have considered your offer
You crack a grin.
You wink suggestively.
You say: but, what can you get me there?
You say: you are wiz on gumbi, right?
You say: and what do you want here?
Muz says: I am right at the moment....
[we discuss meeting on GumbiMud]
Muz says: I am on now
You say: okay..  meet you there as trelos
Muz says: jubal is on...
You say: huh?
Muz says: I won't do it with him on... 8)
You say: how come?
You say: is he god?
Muz nods solemnly.
You say: so
You say: how would he catch you?
Muz says: the guy doesn't miss a thing, believe me
You say: does he see all clones?
You say: and all money transfers?
You say: muz?
Muz says: yeah...
Muz says: don't ask me how
Muz says: he just knows... he's caught me before...