Not Invented Here

  "I am totally into Perl now.  I love it.  It rules with an iron fist."
                                   - Matt Ranney 

I like to rewrite things so that I'm dealing with my code instead
of someone else's.  This not only avoids dealing with the aggravation
of other people's bugs, but gives me the ability to easily customize
my tools.  So "NIH" is a big drive for me.

Mail Filter:  mf
  Filters out mime and PGP and urgent headers and whatnot
  Can pipe to command, save to file, etc.. etc..

Batch Submission:  DiBS  (Dave's  Batch System)
  Easy to configure and run
  Can send commands, redirect output, save environment
  Mostly scalable (but eventually need to multi-thread the socket code)
  Robustly handles lost jobs, restarts, dead hosts
  Can send off batches of jobs

Assembler:  bas  (Bad Ass Assembler)
  Can assemble any architecture, simply type in the *format strings* for
    each instruction
  Can disassemble, assemble, convert, output and input many different formats.

Marketplace (in progress)
  Automated 'classifieds'
	(Started around the time of eBay, too bad I didn't finish this..  :)

  Can generate/search complete calendars, output in a variety
  of formats for a variety of dates.  Information such as
  venues, bands, maps can all be automatically generated and

File Browser
  See the Fringe for an example

CarWars Car Generator (in progress)
WizPort: (see the Project page)
mvx/cpx: regexp move and copy
forge: forging mailer
etc.. etc..

In Progress
Shell:  psh
  Fully programable completion, like tcsh but in perl
  Perl expressions
  Auto login/logout scripts
  [maybe]  intra-psh communication between shells

Mail Reader:  oak
  Handles multiple mailboxes
  Elm-ish style menus
  Random signatures, fully customizable
  Handles multiple identities, can auto-forge mail
  Can queue outbound mail (can read incoming mail while composing outbound)
  Easy mbox editing
  Supports mh and mbox mailboxes??

Mouth Drooling (want to do - have thought about)
Editor:  duh  (Dave's Understandable eHditor)
  terminal editor like vi but with menu bar, windows and multiple buffers
  perl eval/search/replace on text