I just ran across the mail that started it all - I was trying to figure out how to do the pseudo-tty stuff, and I ended up getting in touch with Sam Lantinga who ended up writing the tcpserver component of WizPort. Go sam!
From: David Ljung 
Subject: How can I attach a tty to a socket file descriptor?
Date: 28 Oct 92 19:09:47 GMT
To:       unix-wizards@sem.brl.mil

Well, nobody answered this on comp.unix.questions,
so maybe I need to ask people a little higher up  ;-)

Okay - here's my question:

I need to hook up a tty (real or fake) to a file descriptor
returned from an accept call for sockets on HP-UX.

I need to do this so I can run a shell from the accept
which can then run vi.  I can't currently run vi, because
I need to set the term to non canonical mode with no echo.
(or is it canonical mode -- which ever mode doesn't wait for \n)
Since I don't have a tty, I can't do this.  I have looked
through man pages, tried the dup2 command, read books, tried
ptty 4.0, attempted sifting through the source for
tcsh, and even asked my mom; in my attempt to find an answer...

Hopefully there is a simple one - the code I use now to run
programs from my limited non-tty shell is the following:


Where ns is the fd returned from accept:

Hoping for an easy fix.... (but any fix will do  ;-)


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