x s t r o k e 


What is it?

xstroke allows you to draw "strokes" with your mouse buttons that get interpreted as commands. This is a fairly common interface these days (mostly thanks to some browsers and browser add-ons) but back in the late 1990s when I first wrote this it was pretty unusual. I released it a few years later in 2002 - and soon after saw a number of projects using the same techniques, possibly inspired by this xstroke, possibly not. A very common implementation is also called xstroke, though it's based off an older library called libstroke which I was unaware of and was written around the same time as my xstroke.


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I haven't done much with this code in ages. User beware.
It looks like it would be really useful to have an ability to watch the root window for strokes for the sake of handhelds - but where should the button strings go? To a pipe?? (Probably the best solution would be to call a script to handle each button string)


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