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"Oh, that's nice. You always forget how good fresh energy feels,
till you get to a pure DaveSource..." -Tron (1982) - all the current Dave Pointers. - my semi-professional home page. - my narcissistic home page. - Dave's geek site MarginalHacks - I have an elegant script for that, but it's too small to fit in the margin. DaveFAQ - answer all your questions here. DavePics - my photo album.

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Hire Me?

I'm not actually available right now, unless you want to pay me silly amounts, as I'm currently not looking for work.

If you wanted to hire me in the future:

Some Recommendations:

"David is an extremely capable engineer. He has great ideas, and the implementation skills to quickly put them into practice."
- Brett C., Technical Director @ Transmeta
"Code and (good!) ideas flow from David like water from a spring. A top-notch technical talent in coding and CPU verification (and a jillion side projects that speak for themselves), when given the latitude to show off his stuff, he'll deliver way beyond what you thought possible."
- Andrew A., Sr Logic Design Engineer @ SandCraft
"The fact that Dave is cool, smart and great guy to work with, is not as much interesting as, the fact that he gets the job (freaky complex verification kind of a job) done on-time even when we have been in severe shortage of time and resources."
- Amir Zarkesh, CEO @ 3Plus1, EVP Engr @ iCelero
"Dave's passion is to find bugs and break things --- and this is what makes him such an excellent Verification Engineer. Dave has a effective, time-tested approach of writing verification tools that provide configurability, in-depth results reporting, and exact repeatability. His approach works really well for both silicon and software, and it's very cost effective because you really only need Dave."
- Adam Lins, Director Software Engineering @ Bluechip Systems

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