Windows Media Player bug

So, I didn't find this bug, actually, since I don't even use Windows, but my most excellent album tool did, and the bug was noticed and root-sourced with help from Jeff Stern.

Anyways, here's the bug info:

Version Info
(Up to date versions as of 2003-06-05)
Windows XP Professional
Internet Explorer v6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.030422-1633
Windows Media Player

Does *NOT* seem to effect:
  IE 5.00.3103.1000

Windows Media Player doesn't handle relative URLs properly.

For example, the following embed works in an HTML file:

<embed src='dancing.avi'>

But the following doesn't:

<embed src='../dancing.avi'>

Giving us the obscure error of:
  Error: "The URL would change the root."

This has the stunning "Web Help" info of:
  Error# C00D132B
  Sorry, no more help is available for this problem at this time.

Thanks Microsoft!

So, I spent an hour trying to figure out where I can actually tell Microsoft about their bug, and near as I can tell (after navigating through pages with two more bugs in them), I have to PAY to tell them about the bug in their software that I don't even care about.

That's about the time that I decided that Microsoft can suck my dick.

If you can help me figure out how to post a bug, let me know

2003-07-09 Update: Jeff Stern notices the microsoft suggestion form.

I'll suggest they look at this page, and we'll see what happens.

Hopefully the overt hostility of this page won't get them to cut off their nose to spite their face, they still have a bug.

2003-07-09 Update: I receive this improperly mime encoded response from Microsoft. Does anyone know how to decode this?

2003-11-06 Update: Jeff decoded the message for me a long time ago and I finally decided to send a reply to MS. Maybe they'll respond?

2003-11-10? Update: This is classic. They send me another improperly mime encoded response. Jeff is kind enough to decode it for me, where it explains that the email address that they told me to report the bug to is not for reporting bugs.

And once again I am forced to conclude that Microsoft can suck my dick.

2006-02-14 Update: Someone from the WMP development team finds my page and sends me the Microsoft explanation (with my response in red) 2006-02-14 Update: I am told that this was fixed in WMP9.0.0.2900.