loopt on a T-Mobile iPhone

There's a neat iPhone app called loopt that shares your location information so you can see where your friends are and vice-versa.

Unfortunately the signup uses SMS messages, and it doesn't work on iPhones that are not on AT&T (such as T-Mobile).

I'm guessing this is because it sends an SMS, and to do it easily, it assumes you are on the AT&T network (as iPhones are "supposed" to be) and sends the SMS through the AT&T email gateway. Consequently, non-AT&T users never see it.

There is, however, a way to get T-Mobile iPhones setup with loopt

  1. Go to loopt website
  2. Register
  3. It will send a link to your phone.
  4. View the link while keeping the browser page open on your computer
  5. When you view the link, it will say it doesn't recognize your phone.
  6. On the computer, it will ask you to pick your phone. Just pick the G1 for now.
  7. When you do, it will send another SMS with a verification code.
  8. When you receive it, type it into the computer.
  9. Then it will send a third SMS with a download page for the application.
  10. You can ignore this.
  11. Delete the loopt app from your iPhone if you've tried to signup
  12. Download the app from the app store.
  13. Open the loopt app
  14. Click on "Log me in already"
  15. Use your password from the computer signup

You're on loopt!

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