iPhone 4 Camera HFOV for hugin

There's an amazing panaroma generator called hugin - it does automatic layout and stitching of images. I wouldn't be surprised if the next version takes the photos for you as well.

When you load images, though, it asks for either the HFOV (horizontal field of view) or the Focal Length Multiplier.

Surprisingly, after much googling, I couldn't find any reference to what the HFOV was for the iPhone 4 camera. I tried the method for measuring HFOV in the hugin tutorials, but it didn't give reliable results, so instead I took a bunch of photos that were very easy to automatically stitch together and optimized the camera settings and came up with:

iPhone 4 camera HFOV = 54.77

iPhone 4 camera focal length = 33.46

That may be a bit off, let me know if you get anything different!

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