Opening / Disassembling a Panasonic Toughbook CF-Y5 Y5

I needed (unfortunately) to open up my Toughbook. It turned out to be harder than most x86 laptops, though easier than a Mac Laptop.
Anyways, it was a tricky experience, and here's what I learned.

Not shown: I unfortunately missed photos of:

  1. Remove battery and power
  2. Remove screws in rubber feet by LCD hinge
  3. Remove screws around HD, remove HD
  4. Remove screws around memory door (necessary?)
  5. Remove screws on bottom underneath keyboard
  6. Remove cap to left of keyboard
  7. Remove screws to left of keyboard
And of course, the disclaimer: YMMV, This may destroy your computer, I am not liable for any damages made to your computer - this is not a how-to but a demonstration of what I learned.

This computer is awesome,

but difficult to open.

Pull cap off of right side

of keyboard

Remove screws to right of keyboard.

Remove small screws

under right side of keyboard

More screws

next to keyboard

Pull off ground screws

on this small connector

Remove small screws

under left side of keyboard

Remove small screws

at top of DVD

I pulled back

the waterproofing. No more spilling water on the keyboard for fun! I might eventually try to glue it down later or see if I can get replacements. I'm not sure this step was necessary. I think there's a screw under the waterproofing on the left side that needed removal.

The waterproofing doesn't

re-seal very well.

Peel up the small seal

to disconnect the keyboard.

Putting back the keyboard

Pulling the case apart,

looking in towards the fan

The culprit,

my fan had gone bad.

Use the release switch

to open the DVD door.

Pop off the cap

on the side of the DVD

Remove ground screws

for this plate.

Use a small flathead,

pop the DVD door all the way open (past the normal latch catching mechanism).

Remove screws

along left side of door.

Remove small screws

inside DVD door.

Remove small screws

on bottom of the computer towards the front.

We can start to remove

the entire top section, but you'd need to disconnect a bunch of connectors in here.

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