David Ljung Madison Stellar

Verification Engineer Success Stories

Who Am I?

I am a CPU verification engineer who has been working on CPU and VLSI verification since 1994. I am not one who is content with the common technique of brute force verification (manually twiddling bits and checking off items on your testlist), which is one of the reasons I've stuck in the industry for so long. You can find more about me at DaveSource.com


Here is a short log of some successes or things I have learned in the industry as I get a chance to type them up (and where not limited by an NDA, as I usually am).
Formal Blocks
How I used formal verification to prove two CPU blocks as completely bug free completely pre-silicon

Fullchip Verification of a New Architecture
How I single-handedly tackled fullchip verification of a complex and original VLIW architecture

Random Number Generators
An early story where I learned about the failures of random number generators.

I have two decades of success stories like this - if you'd like to be one of them, then consider hiring me!