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DaveSource Consulting == David Ljung Madison Stellar

I do consulting in two fields:

  1. Hardware VLSI/ASIC Verification (particularly CPUs)
  2. Software (algorithm design/implementation and tool development)
    C, Ruby, Perl, Java, C++, etc..
I've been in the CPU and VLSI verification world since 1994, and I have taken some time to write up a few of my learnings and successes in this field. If you're interested in hiring me then you probably want to see my resume.

I can't post examples of my software work since it's covered by NDA, but generally it falls into two categories:

  1. algorithm design/implementation: particularly operations mgmt.
  2. tool/script writing: web stuff, image processing, etc..
If you want to see some of my work, you can always look at my hobby software site at and my old projects list

For more information on my capabilities and what I can offer your project, please contact me.


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